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  • We’ve got some great feedback from our client regarding the participants, they thought that the participants profile matched well with what they were after and they were happy that they were very vocal and gave us a lot of good insights.

    Thanks for organising the participants, all of them turned up and were on time.

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  • Thanks again for finding these great respondents.
    Because it is the end of the project and because I really liked your service I wanted to give you some feedback:
    Overall you are delivering better participants than other recruitment agencies, you are also far much more persistent than other recruiters.
    Really love your persistence, your attitude always cheers me up

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  • Hi Mahtab, All participants were GREAT yesterday. Thanks for that!

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  • Thanks Dhun. Received and very impressed.

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  • Thanks Dhun.
    You are the only recruiter that has been able to find any respondents for these two groups!Amazing! Thanks so much Dhun.

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  • Thank you! So far so good, thanks!

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  • That extra care certainly paid off – full attendance in all three groups last night! :) Thank you so much for this recruit, great job:)

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I currently participated in one of your surveys. I just want to write that I want to be more involved. I could spend hours doing this and not even think of it as work. I know they don’t come often but if there is any opportunities like this in the future I certainly will say yes to them.

Thanks for the fun guys