Are you tired of hearing customer complaints? Read on to find out how Mystery Shopping is the most effective market research technique to increase customer satisfaction.



We have been working in the market research industry long enough to have valued the importance of a mystery shopper. We at Ava Research call them Quality Assurance Auditors. Mystery shopping is the most sought after techniques of market research and has been used by many companies to measure the quality of services and gather information about specific products/services provided to the customers. With the everyday increasing competition, you have to level up your game and ensure that your customers are receiving optimum benefits and satisfaction while going through a customer journey. We all know the importance of a happy and loyal customer.
So, what does a mystery shopper do? A mystery shopper goes through a typical customer’s journey to assess the customer service levels provided to him/her without revealing their identity of a mystery shopper (obviously!). These mystery shoppers while behaving like normal customers will raise objections, ask questions and assess the entire environment of the store or the business. After the mystery shop scenarios, they provide detailed reports of their experience with the companies which are in turn are used by the companies to improve their level of customer service.

“When I am mystery shopping, I feel like I am on a secret mission. I love every bit of the process and the fact that I am adding value to a company.”

Ava Research Mystery Shopper

One of the most important precaution while conducting mystery shopping is to train your mystery shoppers well and ensure that they understand the demands of the role and can write with great attention to detail and proper grammar. It is important to train them to answer the questions objectively and not let their past experiences affect their judgment levels. It should be an unbiased judgement. Another thing to keep in mind is that the mystery shopper should not repeat the same locations for a substantial amount of time.

Ava Research provides mystery shopping services for every industry. Ava Research is a market research recruitment agency in Australia providing a range of services and solutions to corporates and consulting companies around the world. We have the experience and required expertise to help you get maximum value from research. Request your quote now!

The need for market research in Healthcare and Medicine


Health is, and would always remain the top priority in our lives. As they say,
“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings” -Publilius Syrus
Yet the number of people suffering from chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, vitamin deficiencies, cancer, diabetes, mental health, and many more of these disease, which were uncommon 20 years back, have risen significantly.
There is a dire need to conduct market research in healthcare and medicine and researching on how we can work towards improving the current healthcare system.
Most of the market research surveys in the healthcare field are very technical and are not understandable to the common man and hence, the data collected is not the true perceptions of these consumers. For example, enquiring about what the consumers consider important while buying a certain antibiotic, if you provide them options ranging from most important to least important, then they would naturally rate most of the factors as very important even if they do not consider them as the highest priority while buying the product. However, if you ask them to rate the options according to their priority like one, two or three, you would immediately know which one is the most important one for them.

Ava Research is a market research recruitment agency providing a range of services and solutions to corporates and consulting companies around the world. We have the experience and required expertise to help you get maximum value from research. Request your quote now!

When you are launching an anti-biotic or any medicine in the market, it is important to understand the perception of the consumer and how they look at your brand. Conduct a market research and you have a successful product launching in the market.
Another important reason to conduct market research is to improve the healthcare system. Often we hear complaints about the back-office issues, case processing times, insurance claims, management issues and the like. One of the most effective ways to resolve these issues is by understanding the experience of the consumers as well as the staff. A focus group with the consumer and the service provider can prove to be beneficial. On the other hand, a carefully designed survey keeping in the mind the difficulties faced by these two groups would also be helpful.
Understanding why certain patients respond to certain medicine, why some do not; why some patients visit doctors regularly while other don’t; what are the financial constraints of these patients; how is their mental health; what kind of family support they have; do they have any understanding of the medical terms and there are hundreds of these questions which need answers. For these hundreds of questions, there is one effective way, conducting market research.
In this ever-evolving field, you can utilise the previously published reports but it will be advantageous if there is continuous research conducted, especially in focus group rooms.
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Are you satisfied with your market research outcomes? If not, read this!


Just a few weeks ago, we spoke about the 5 market research mistakes that you need to stop making. This week, we want to focus on correcting one of those mistakes and monetizing it.
One of the costliest mistakes companies are making today is not going mobile. Being stupid is expensive, and not going mobile is the stupidest mistake of this century. We cannot emphasise enough on optimising your content for mobile use. If you are conducting your online market research in Australia and not optimising your surveys for mobile platforms, you are missing out on 15.5 million mobile users ( Another important platform to consider while conducting your online market research is the tablet. Back in 2015, mobile phones and tablets constituted 63% of the time spent on devices. The numbers today have significantly increased. You can’t afford to miss these numbers!
Our natural way of communication has evolved to become mobile, and so are our habits of surfing on the internet. The time that we are spending on the desktop or the laptop is on the declining side. Companies need to invest in new technologies and respond to the changing attitudes of their target customer.
Here are 3 tips for you if you are planning to go mobile:
1. Keep the survey short! – If you are planning to launch mobile surveys, it is important that you keep them short and simple. Although mobile is the most favourable platform these days but filling in a 30 questions survey on the mobile can be quite time consuming and your user is very likely to get distracted leaving the survey incomplete. Another important factor to consider while designing your surveys for mobile is that most of your users are filling it in while on the bus, while ordering their food or in their idle time. Keep the most important questions in the survey. For a more extensive market research, focus groups can prove to a better method.
2. Designing the Surveys – Designing a survey for mobile platforms is the most integral part of your market research. The survey questions are important but what about when they respond to your survey, what about the font that you use or what will happen when a respondent clicks on one of the answers, would they be able to click on the answers? Keep these basic things in mind while designing your surveys. It is significantly improve the completion rate of your surveys.
3. Do not use too many graphics. – Yes, it is important to have those beautiful graphics to keep your survey looking more interactive and appealing to your audience but your primary motive here to get the data that you need. Focus only on the data because your respondent has come there with the intention of filling in a survey not of looking at beautiful scenery. This will also decrease the survey load time and increase conversions. All said, experimenting with a dash of colour to keep it refreshing is not a bad idea, but avoid all heavy images.
However, it is integral to understand where your audience is and where are they reading your content or filling in your surveys. If your target audience prefers traditional methods, then go for the traditional ones, but if your target is the millennials, then you have to go mobile. Even better is to customise your market research strategy for both.
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Ava Research Room: Your Team Needs A War Room. Sydney’s Best Group Rooms Now Available in the heart of the city in Sydney CBD



Want to foster greater productivity? Skip the football table and rent a war room instead.
Over the years, we have conducted market research for companies big and small from across Australia, the APAC region and from different parts of the world. When it comes to making critical decisions about business, one striking thing that we have observed is, a dedicated room- a war room for your ideas to battle out- has always resulted in better, and more effective results.

Unfortunately, few firms, organizations and independent entrepreneurs have the luxury of having one at their work station. If your team doesn’t have a group room, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll tell you why exactly you need a group room and how Ava research can help you get one.

First ask yourself, why do you conduct market research?

Your answer would be to know what your target market prefers and what they don’t. You want all the investment and time that you have put in developing the products/ services to earn you profit. If you have a new product or just want to improve your current product, you need to research what your customers are asking for and if you are providing them that value. If not, learn more about their behaviour and their attitudes to make an informed business decision.
One of the most effective ways to conduct market research is to utilise focus groups. To do so, you need a group room. Focus groups can be used to know more about your target market before you roll out your marketing campaigns or launch your products/services or just when your product is in a development stage. Focus groups provide you qualitative data about your target customer’s perceptions, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences and reactions.
Check out the advantages of the Focus groups and book your group room with Ava Research today!

1.3-D memory > short-term memory

People remember more of what they see than what they hear. Having a group room will allow you to understand your target market in-depth. You can understand their body language, their expressions, their feelings and their perceptions much better when you conduct market research in the form of focus groups especially for qualitative data. You can have multiple focus groups depending on what you are trying to achieve- tasting sessions, customer experience improvement or to simply generate new ideas.

2.Measurable Customer Reaction

You can easily measure the customer’s reaction as compared to quantitative data. These immediately measurable ideas provide you an opportunity to start planning or improving your product/ service as soon as the focus group is over. An added advantage is to understand the customer’s perception of a company’s reputation in their mind. In certain situations, there is more room to discuss the ideas as the customers are faced with opposing views; providing a holistic understanding of the topics being researched.

3.Get Better Research Results
If you are in the business of understanding customer sentiments, behavior, life
patterns or simply need to know what they think about a topic or product, then a focus group room is exactly what you need. The rooms also allow you to record your meetings and interactions, which allow you to go through your happenings whenever needed.

Why you need to hire your group rooms at Ava Research now?

At Ava Research, you can rent our war rooms to battle out ideas, conduct market research or simply brain storm your organization’s most important decisions. You can now view the focus groups from your home or office through our web-streaming facilities. Not just that, you can also receive the entire focus group video on a link via email or via USB recording. Wi-Fi & cable internet connection is available in each room.
Ava Research can accommodate about 20-25 candidates for taste testing of products per session.
To give clients a more personalised experience, they can also come to Ava Research’s office and view the entire focus group on a television which is placed in the viewing room.

To know more or make a reservation CLICK HERE NOW! Or call Dhun Madon on +61 433 190 233. Special Requests are welcome.

You need to stop making these 5 Market Research mistakes now!

You need to stop making these 5 Market Research mistakes now

You need to stop making these 5 Market Research mistakes now

Every company, government or organization needs to conduct market research from time to time. But most companies either don’t have the right tools or knowledge to conduct an effective market research campaign.

We have compiled a list of 5 mistakes that you should avoid while doing market research.

1)Clarity of The Questions: The questions that you are asking your sample audience need to be precise. If the questions are not phrased right, have contradictory meanings or imply bias, then the interpretation can be different for different individuals. This, in turn, will lead to wrong data and wrong decision making. To make the opinion of your respondent count, try to reduce the ambiguity in the questions especially when you specialise in paid online market research. The ambiguity in words should not lead to an overlap between different answers. This will confuse your respondent and give vague answers. We do not want you to fall into a situation where you have collected the data from your sample audience and not been able to discern what it indicates.

2)Sampling of the right audience– Have you ever received data where you clearly understood who your sample audience was but received flawed data with responses from a wrong audience. We know how much money and time goes in conducting market research and if it’s not successful, how much loss a company has to incur. Although getting the right question with less ambiguity is important but getting the right sample is of utmost importance. Write down the rules clearly in simple words to define who is included in your market research. It would be beneficial if you divide your sample into sub-groups to get an idea of who would require more analysis or cross-comparison. With the increase in people wanting to earn extra dollars by participating in market research, particularly online paid market research, you need to be careful about the quality of the sample as well.

3)Incentives compatibility – Now, you have prepared the right set of a questionnaire for the right audience, but what ab out the incentives? The questions that you have designed should be incentive compatible for people to provide honest answers. The questionnaire should be designed in such a way that the audience does not benefit from lying. For instance, if you ask the age group at the start of the questions in a research where people only from a certain age group can participate in the paid market research, then they would lie just to earn extra cash. Similarly, the incentives provided should be fair and not too low. Providing poor compensation is one of the biggest mistakes that the market research companies make. Evidently, when the compensation plan is poor, you will receive low engagement and poor responses.

Ava Research is a market research recruitment agency providing a range of services and solutions to corporates and consulting companies around the world. We have the experience and required expertise to help you get maximum value from research. Request your quote now!

4)Be creative with Online Market Research: Your sample audience is spending most of their time online especially on their mobile phones. Customising your market research surveys or question boards to different online platforms is essential to your company’s success. Providing them convenience through adapting to these online platforms means you get more engagement and a higher response rate. Try to reduce the length of your surveys wherever possible or use other non-survey methods.

5)Clear Objectives: The why part is always the most important part of your research. If you are not clear about the objectives of your market research then, the designing of the questions, understanding the right sample and method of the survey will always be wrong. Write down the objectives in bullet points and communicate this with all your team members without any ambiguity in the interpretation. Be SMART while defining your objectives i.e., Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Reliable and Timely. Avoid being overambitious or vague.

Next time when you are conducting your market research remember to keep these mistakes in mind. It will go a long way in the success of your market research project. Share with us any other market research mistakes that you have encountered in your career.

Ava Research is a market research recruitment agency providing a range of services and solutions to corporates and consulting companies around the world. We have the experience and required expertise to help you get maximum value from research. Request your quote now!

How market research can grow your business

How market research can grow your business

Market research exists to inform your business decisions, helping you to learn about your customers, and their perceptions of your products and your competitors. When it comes to understanding your customers, market research can offer valuable insight into your customers’ thoughts and buying processes.

market research

Other ways market research can offer solutions to help grow your business:

  • Identify the profile of your target market and how to reach them
  • Uncover how your products and services are used
  • Determine where best to advertise and promote your products and services to gain the most value for your spend
  • Discover how a sample of your customers relate to your advertising, allowing you to tweak your message before spending on national marketing campaigns
  • Learn about the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
  • Explore new market opportunities

How Ava Research can help

Market research is the foundation for your business and future marketing strategies, so it is important that you choose the right pool of candidates to base your research on and the right team to question them. At Ava Research we have a don’t just pair the research needs of our clients with the respondents on our database we source the right responses from your customers or potential customers out in local markets across the UK. Working with experienced researchers and facilitators we deliver quality responses to get you the answers you want . To find out more about how we can help your business email us or call Dhun on 02 97192990.

Methods adopted to perform qualitative market research

Qualitative market research is one of the market research methodologies which highly focus on the user opinion and thoughts which are obtained through observation not from the statistics or the prior databases. As the name implies, they are best suited to test the quality of products and expectation regarding a company or a product produced by the concern firm. Qualitative market research is performed with sample products through a number of methods, showcased below.

quantitative market research

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Market research for the product based companies

Market research is the key strategy employed by businesses to enhance the growth of their business. Market research aids business in predicting many parameters like competitor actions, yearly ROI, preference factor of the consumer, consumer opinion on the company, etc. All these parameters revolve around the core point called branding or business development. Financial investment is required for all business startups. For product based companies, the investment is slightly higher, as they need more space, hardware, etc… thus companies need to be aware and preplan before the invention of new products. Market research services help such product oriented companies in various aspects including: and few are mentioned in the beneath paragraphs:

product company

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Predominant works and aspects on paid market research

It is the one of the important thing for every business folks to learn about their customers especially the big companies’ needs to know about the customer opinions, spend a significant amount of time not only in advertising but also in market research, this involves many important aspects like buying research products, looking at current market trends, evaluating purchasing pattern and getting feedback from the customers.

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Product placement is necessary to increase the brand awareness

Product placement is one of the marketing strategies which have been followed since many years. The concept employed in this type of marketing method deviates from the traditional marketing plans. On very precise note, product placement implies that the brand perception is made to the public by presenting the commercial content in the media, TV shows and pictures without any direct means of advertisement or in the non-commercial mode.   For a familiar movie the centric character is made to drive the new model of particular branded vehicle, wearing the particular brand watch, clothes, shoes, etc…  This method is very prompt way to quicken the popularity among the folks. With the increase in broadcasting channels there prevails the competition among the commercial advertiser which involves more creative thinking and lots of investment. Folks now skip seeing the ads on the TVs. This product placement advertising is among the type of market research methodologies which takes the chance and makes their presence in movies, albums, TV shows, etc….

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