What is Paid Market Research?

Market research is any organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of any business strategyas it provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. One of the key factors to help an organization gain a competitive edge over their competitionor to understand social opinions and attitudes on a given subject.

Why participate in paid market research Groups – what’s in it for me?

One great reason to register with paid market research companies is because every time you participate in a survey you get paid!
Taking part in focus groups, online research and taste testing sessions is fun and gives you, the consumer an opportunity to have a say in the shaping the products and services on the market.
It also helps companies improve products and services for you as their customer. As consumers we are constantly finding frustrations in the way a company’s website is laid out, or the look or feel of a product, after registering with us you get the opportunity to give direct feedback to help improve products and services you use frequently

How do I Register and does it cost me anything?

Registrations are free, register now and you will immediately be on our database and ready to start giving your opinion.

Can I register over the phone?

If you do not have access to the internet, then we can do a quick registration over the phone. Call us on 02 8072 9959 or 0433 153 473.

What areas are the testing conducted in?

We conduct focus groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and regional areas Australia wide. We also conduct market research online via skype and through online forums. All of our testing is paid,so if you have been accepted for a study be it face to face, over the phone or online be sure you will get an incentive for your time.

How much of my time is involved and what will I be paid?

Typically Market Research pays an incentive between $50-$150 for 1-2 hours of your time, this includes face to face, online or taste testing. You will typically be paid in either cash or vouchers. There is no set incentives or duration each business has different requests but once you are invited to take part you decide if the research is right for you.

What types of market research can I participate in?

Face to Face focus groups – This is largely how our clients like to conduct their studies. Often it is a focus group in a central location with 6-8 participants.
Online Research – In this digital age a lot of research is also conducted online or in-home allowing you to access a mutual online portal and give your feedback from the comfort of your own home.
Taste testing – A fun way to take part. Imagine your favourite food company wanting you to try their latest products and paying you to do so. Sounds too good to be true right? But businesses value their customer feedback so of course they want you to be covered for the time and effort you have put into telling them what you honestly think.

How it works &What’s next?

Step 1 – Firstly click onto our registration page and fill out all your details. You will notice there is a lot of household information questions. You can fill out as much or as little information that you are comfortable with but remember the more we know about you the more easily we can identify if you are the right candidate when a specific job request comes up. Also the more locations you are comfortable travelling to for research will increase your chances of being invited to participate.None of the information you provide us will be shared to any third parties without your full consent. You will only ever receive emails from us directly when inviting you to take part. For more information on this please refer to our privacy policy.

Step 2 – When a job comes up that potentially suits your profile, we will email or phone you to ask a few more questions to see if you match the profile our client is looking for. If you receive a preliminary online questionnaire from us this is to find out if you are eligible for the study, this is not the study itself. If after completing the questionnaire you are not called it means you did not fit our client’s criteria on that occasion but we do lots of testing so you are bound to take part sooner than later. Be assured that Ava Research is a market research recruitment specialist, it is our job to connect businesses with their customers, so the data you provide us is to help recruit, not market research.
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What are your charges to recruit a person?

Our charges vary depending on the number of specifications you have. If you can email me the details of your job I would be happy to provide you a quote.

Are Venue costs included?

No our recruitment charges are separate to venue

Can you book the venue?

We can recommend some venues and provide you their contact details but we would prefer that you book as you know all the requirements you need around filming,clients viewing,catering duration etc.

Do your charges include the incentive?

No incentives are separate and usually the client handles this and pay them on the night. We may handle this on behalf of our clients for a small fee.

Can I pay them with a voucher or prize draw?

It would depend what voucher (Myers,coles, westfields may be okay) but we would otherwise strongly recommend a cash incentive because vouchers do impact the no show/last minute cancellation rate. We cannot offer prize draws, if the time required is really small, then even a small incentive can be considered (movie tickets etc) but we need to pay everyone who spends time completing the study.

Can you handle the incentives?

Yes we can handle incentives, if they are cash based but there is an administrative fee per person additional to do this as it is very time consuming.

Can you handle sending out the homework to respondents?

It would be our recommendation that if the homework can be made into an electronic copy, that it is done and we would prefer to send out their pretask. Otherwise what we find is that respondents don’t get their pre tasks in the mail on time, they never arrive or if the client emails them then it goes into junk mail and they complain they never go it. whereas if the respondents have our email address saved so less chance of them not receiving it?

If I mail you the pre tasks to your office (packages or print homework tasks) can you arrange to courier them to the respondents?

No it would be our preference that instead for a small admin fee we email you a spreadsheet with their mailing address details and contact numbers and you arrange this from your end

Do you have capacity to recruit?

Again depending on the specs and what dates you have scheduled for this study, we can then let you know.

How long does it take you to recruit?

This depends on the number of people you need and their specifications, for standard database recruits it usually takes 3-5 working days and for Listing groups we recommend we have more time, anywhere from 7 working day or more.

Do you charge for no shows?

For recruitment undertaken using our database are charges are per person that attends for one on one interviews and group rate applies for groups. However if we are recruiting for example 8 for 6 and less than 6 attend we do adjust our rates to reflect this. We can recruit per person for groups also if you wish but the rates per person are then higher.

For listing recruits: Our charges are per person booked. In the event that a respondent cancels ahead of time and we can replace them we will do so at no charge however if they are a no show despite confirming or cancel on the day our charges for the candidate still apply to cover the time and resources we put into recruiting them. We cannot guarantee attendance for listings as they are not our candidate so this why we still have to charge.

For one on one interviews or taste testing: we charge per attendee.

Why is conducting telephone interviews the same costs as recruiting for f2f interviews?

While the participant saves on travel time, our recruiters need to spend the same amount of time with them screening them over the phone, booking the interview and confirming the interview. So depending on the type of candidate you are looking for you may be able to lower the incentive cost, but the recruiter’s time and resources are the same.

Why is recruiting off listings more costly when we are providing you the names?

Recruiting off lists take substantially longer to recruit from because the customers do not know about paid market research, do not know our company and therefore are more sceptical of the process, therefore the incidence to recruit someone is a lot lower and we have to spend a lot more time confirming them to ensure they actually attend on the day.

Do we have to pay for standbys?

We always suggest recruiting one or two extra in each group and if they all attend then yes you will have to pay them off with the full incentive or still include them in the group. If we have extras we do keep them on standby but if we haven’t booked them in the group there is no way we can guarantee that any of our standbys will be available last minute.

Do you recruit interstate?

Yes, our largest panel is in Sydney, then Melbourne, then Brisbane and Perth and smaller panel in Adelaide, so depending on what you require we could potentially recruit in all areas

Do you recruit in regional areas?

Yes in some areas, we have a database in large regional towns like Dubbo, Wagga, Newcastle, Wollongong, Geelong, orange, to name a few.

Privacy & Security

Will I be spammed?

You won’t be spammed by “ Ava Research “ The only messages you will receive from us are research project related

Are my personal details secure?

Your details are kept private and held in our firewalled and secured server .

Will you disclose my personal information?

We will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties.