Being a member of Ava research panel means that you have the opportunity to take part in focus groups, group discussions, in depth interviews and taste testings just to mention a few. When you are recruited to take part in these groups you will be rewarded with a CASH payment. You will be notified of the payment amount you will receive prior to taking part in these groups and will receive your payment at the end of your session. These payments range from a minimum of $40 up to over $300. This is dependent on the length of your session and what is involved.

Most of these groups involve completing some preliminary questions (called a screener) which is provided by our client to see whether the research is applicable to you – these screeners will be emailed to you and only take a few minutes of your time. You will always be rewarded in SOL points for completing screeners regardless if you are able to attend the session or not.

Providing honest and accurate information is very important to us as we want to reward you for your opinion on the products, services and issues you experience in  everyday life.


Reward Points:

Panel members earn points when completing online surveys and screeners. Points are awarded for participation, regardless if you are found suitable for the study or not. The points you will receive will vary depending how long the survey is and if you end up completing the full survey or not and appear instantly in your account. Like with our cash payments, you will always know the amount of points that are on offer before you choose to participate.

All  points are redeemable through online request once the points accumulated reaches $50 in value.

You may also like to redeem your  points for a bank cheque which you can bank into your own bank account or redeem a  cheque donation to selected charities.

Rewards are currently for Australian and  ONLY.