Taste testing one of the market research procedures which is known to be the consumer based development methodology to identify the requirement of the customer and to analyze the preference factor of the maximum number of audience. Taste testing is conducted most for the food products and it one of the effective means of data collection process.  Here the taste is not the only parameter being judged. The odour, texture, etc… are some other parameter taken into consideration to make the market research process more effective and bring out the results with more beneficial stuff To conduct the market research on taste testing, the company has to recruit few participants considering many criteria like gender, demographic location, ages, etc…  this type of market research process is conducted mainly to monitor the difference between the products of the competitors and to judge the activity of the folks towards the consumption of the  product.

taste test



Market research recruitment on taste testing happens when the clients posted their need. Recruiters select few numbers of the registered candidates, based on several filtering factor. People who participate in this taste testing process doesn’t need to posses any educational qualifications or technical knowledge regarding the food or the product, all they need is the good sensory organs to open up the results. In some cases, the outcome of the customer is even judged by their facial expressions. In this research process, the participants are also allowed to share their opinions regarding. To encourage the participants, the organizations came with the idea to provide reward or cash for the best opinion.

Taste Testing process:

1.When there are two samples involved in the taste testing process, it is mandate that the participants should experience the real taste of both the samples without any distraction. As the first procedure, separate the samples with different notation and make sure that the participants should not understand or predict the term. The participants should be in clear mindset while they take up this taste test.

2.After tasting the sample 1, provide the participants with the sparkling water or sorbet. This takes away the taste of  the first sample and prepares the tongue to taste the next sample. This prevents the deviation of the original value of the results. Both the results and opinions are maintained in the database. Consider the taste as the primary calculative factor, while texture, odour, etc… are kept as the secondary.

There are some of the questions being prepared by the company. These questions are framed based on the observed defects in the item or the product. The company or the organization might have worked on the product to rectify the observed problem. Since the best judgments always comes from the customers, they choose customers to approve the result. Some of the questions posted by them include, what do you like about the product? do you like the texture? how is the odour of the item?, etc… at the end of the testing session, the folks are also given with the feedback form to rate the dish, which helps in making the statistical assumption on the consumer preference.