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Paid Research For Participants

Earn cash for your opinion

Companies are looking for your consumer feedback about their products, services, and advertising. We are looking for people from all walks of life and professions to attend a variety of different research sessions.  These include group discussions, interviews, workshops, product trials, accompanied shops, online studies and lots more. As a thank you for your time you are paid in either cash or vouchers.

Sessions are either held online or various locations close to public transport. If you are interested in attending focus groups and other paid market research activities, please register your details below.

Are you a good communicator? Good communication skills are essential to be involved in paid research.

If you’re friendly or you’re a people-person, you’d be great for paid research. Register below.

Login to update your settings. Keeping your information up to date helps us match clients to you.

What our participants say

I found the Ava survey engaging. I especially liked how they spoke up clearly with the questions and made a point of making eye contact with me. I was so at ease due to their demeanour. I managed complete my survey without any confusion or putting me the spot and making me feel uncomfortable.

I had a great time at a 1.5hr focus group session recently.  The staff were extremely nice and friendly though thoroughly professional. We all knew exactly what was going on in the room and behind the scenes and we were asked for our permission about certain procedures. We had hot and cold beverages supplied.

Interesting focus group with a good facilitator who kept everyone involved. Easy to find CBD location, friendly staff and prompt payment made this a great experience.

Pleasant experience and very enjoyable focus group. I have participated in numerous face to face and web based forums with Ava Research. The topics are interesting and I have been compensated well for participating. Payment is normally on the day of face to face discussions, and for online forums payment is normally within 4-6 days. Ava Research are fantastic. They call me when they have a survey or forum that I might qualify for. If you like meeting people, and voicing your opinion on products or other matters join Ava Research and refer all your friends!

I was very impressed with the way they asked questions. They are very professional in their approach. Thoroughly enjoyed the market research conducted by them and would look forward to another opportunity for the same.